Wellness Resources

September 16, 2021

Consuming fruit and vegetables and exercising can make you happier

New research led by the University of Kent and University of Reading has found that fruit and vegetable consumption and exercise can increase levels of happiness.
September 15, 2021

Pilot study of diet/exercise in young adults with intellectual disabilities is promising

A pilot study found that young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual disabilities (ID) were able to lose or maintain their weight with a […]
September 14, 2021

Body clock off-schedule? Prebiotics may help

A new study suggests simple dietary compounds known as prebiotics, which serve as food for beneficial gut bacteria, could play an important role in helping us bounce […]
September 13, 2021

Scientists claim that overeating is not the primary cause of obesity

A perspective article challenges the ‘energy balance model,’ which says weight gain occurs because individuals consume more energy than they expend. According to the authors, ‘conceptualizing […]
September 9, 2021

Potential indicator for obesity risk detected during sleep

Researchers have shown that people with inflexible metabolisms burn less fat at night than those with flexible metabolism. The team measured the respiratory quotient throughout the […]